5 ways to Develop your Intuition

Without intuition, we can be like a sail boat without a sail.

Having a connection to your inner guidance system, in my opinion is very important for your overall well being. Allowing yourself to be guided by your inner self, listening to your inner self and knowing yourself is paramount to having a life that really makes you come alive.


Through developing a meditation practice, you are able to naturally exist on a higher level of consciousness. You are able to be an observer of your life rather than an active participant in reactive mode. You are able to sit with emotions more effectively without being the emotion, which allows you to respond to situations with more control.

By meditating, you can connect deeper to your intuition since you slow down, calm your mind and in this stillness, you can hear your inner self.

Breath work

Breath work is a transformational practice that allows you to access your body’s innate intelligence in a controlled manner. In our daily lives, we are often not breathing into the depth of our bodies and operating from a shallow place. When we learn how to breathe effectively, we have access to releasing stored emotions, reducing stress, increasing self awareness and exploring altered states of consciousness. Proper breathing, in a rhythmic routine, has the ability to have you reach into higher states of consciousness by dominating the nervous system and not giving space for the mind to be in the drivers seat. Through such practices, you are able to release, restore and revitalize the whole system; mind, body and soul. By connecting deeply to your body in this way, you are able to create the space to listen to what your body has been trying to tell you, thus developing your intuition.

Psychosomatic Focusing

Psychosomatic focusing, is the skill of listening to your bodies felt senses and interpreting them through signals such as imagery, words or phrases. This practice has helped me tremendously in connecting to my body and understanding my own needs and desires.

In my opinion, this is the true key to freedom, when you can understand your own bodily signals and act accordingly. This practice allows you to connect to your body, and break down your internal messaging so you can live in alignment with your most authentic self.

Art Therapy

Art therapy is a broad and expansive field of work and continual study. It gives you the experience to express yourself in a safe and reflective way. Through this practice, you can get a better understanding of how you are truly feeling and experiencing the world around you. This gives you more awareness into what you may need to start, stop and continue in your life.

There are many ways you can use art as a means to connect deeper to your intuition, a great starting ground would be to ask yourself questions and allow yourself to be guided in drawing. For instance, you can ask yourself “How am I feeling within my romantic relationship?”. This gives you the space to express yourself and get clarity around your true emotional experience. You may want to meditate before doing this, so you can silence the mind and truly listen to your inner self.


Movement has been a key component in my own journey towards greater self awareness, intuition and emotional regulation. Giving yourself space to move freely and to express yourself freely in movement is very enriching for your overall connection to yourself and the world around you. You can easily and effortlessly move through emotional set points simply by moving your body in the direction of how you truly feel. At the end of the day, we want to feel expansive, free and aligned so your body will, with space and time move itself in this direction.

Simply put on some music that you feel drawn to, create a comfortable environment and move in a way that you feel guided. You may just want to start by closing your eyes and asking your body how it wants to move. You may feel drawn to flap your arms, curl up in a ball or even jump; there is no need to judge the process, just allow space to let what needs to be expressed, to come out. You will be surprised by how relaxed and connected you feel within yourself after.

These are a few of the many ways you can learn to connect deeper to your intuition, within each practice, there are many stages, take it at your own pace, with patience, love and compassion for yourself and your journey.

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