Forgiveness : Letting go and Setting yourself Free

There is always an element of forgiveness in moving forward.


Whether that is to forgive yourself or to forgive another, or both.


When you are heartbroken, you may have to forgive yourself for being naive and not following the red flags or forgive the other person for not wanting the same things out of life, which inevitably led to your separation.


It could be with your parents, wanting them to be different. Wishing they had the same way of communicating, behaving and so on so that you could understand them better and vice versa. You may have to forgive them for being who they are and not who you want them to be and forgive yourself for wanting them to be different.


DISCLAIMER: You do not need to communicate this to them, it is more important you do this work with yourself.


I'm sure now you have an idea of where in your life you have to offer some forgiveness work!


Okay, so now what?


Good Question!

Now, you are going to want to work with the energy in motion : emotion!

1. You want to ask yourself where is the energy stored in your body, relating to your specific circumstances. 2. Ask it how it would like to be released.

3. Let it be expressed and therefore released.

For instance, you can write a letter that you don't send, expressing how you feel and ideally coming to a place of acceptance. You may need to scream to let out the blocked energy. Or you may want to paint.

Whatever way you want to express yourself it is important to support yourself in that!


Let your emotions be seen, heard, felt and released.


Once you let go of that energy, there is so much more space for the energy you want in your life.

You may think you are setting them free, but really you are setting yourself free!

Remember to be kind, treat yourself like you would your best friend.

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