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As a Registered Holistic Psychotherapist

I support humans to remove their limiting beliefs so they can live to the life that makes them come alive.
My practice supports you in releasing the ties to your trauma, wounds and past so you can heal. 
My areas of expertise include self esteem, confidence, self image and mindset all in support of you aligning with your most authentic version. 
My passion for personal development started in University when I was in a new city and far from the bubble of my old comfort zone.
I became passionate about nutrition, fitness and the mind as I was faced with my own health concerns.

I became a personal trainer during my undergrad and my passion grew to the mind. There were many areas that couldn’t be solved by what I already knew.
In my undergrad, I studied Communication Studies with a concentration in Image, Politics and Persuasion & Psychology at Carleton University.
I went on to study Psychotherapy from the Transformational Arts College in Toronto where they taught a Holistic approach to healing.

I now teach programs internationally, work one on one with clients and speak on topics such as Emotional Intelligence, Intimacy & Personal Leadership.

I believe real change starts within each one of us. 



Working hours

Monday -Saturday : 9 - 5pm



209574 Highway 26, The Blue Mountains, ON L9Y 0T5

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